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“What’s Happening: The State of Youth Ministry” Is The First Research Project Of Its Kind In Canada

Toronto, Canada (January 05, 2010) - “What’s Happening: The State of Youth Ministry in Canada” amplifies the voices of over 800 youth workers in the nation. The research project was directed by Marv Penner, Don Posterski and Muskoka Woods’ Chris Tompkins, some of Canada’s leading experts in youth culture. This team also co-authored the results in a visually friendly 136-page report.

This first time profile of Canadian youth workers and youth ministers probed perceptions of success factors, trouble spots and leadership issues. The results raise crucial questions about the role of education, supervision support and spiritual disappointments. The research flags the invasion of technology and social networking as forces that are changing the face of today’s youth culture.

The scope of the research sample is made up of a broad spectrum of full-time, part-time, volunteer and former youth workers from churches (mainline and evangelical) and other Christian youth organizations. Seventy percent of the total sample has between 6-25 years of youth ministry experience, making it a group that is experienced and informed in the field. Over 10,000 written comments enriched the statistical results. Books documenting the findings can be ordered on line at www.whatshappeningcanada.com.

The ‘What’s Happening’ project was sponsored by the Muskoka Woods Leadership Studio. The implications of the research will inform Muskoka Wood’s leaders as they equip their summer staff and better understand their camper guests. The Leadership Studio also hopes the research will enhance the influence of adults who work with today’s youth.

For interviews, speaking engagements to interpret the research findings and other information – contact:

Chris Tompkins
20 Bamburgh Circle
Toronto, ON M1W 3Y5
Ph: (416) 495-6960